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Professional Studio Lighting Tools for V-Ray & Octane

The studio tools is a set of HDR lights, tools , studio presets and rigs for vray and cinema 4d. With the VRay studio tools you are able to create photo-real studio situations for product renderings and animations.

Studio Tools is a set of High Dynamic Range textures ,xpresso rigs ,and Cinema 4D studio setups made to greatly speed up your lighting workflow inside Cinema 4D with V-Ray and Octane Render, with this collection of tools  you are able to create photo-real studio situations for product visualizations & animations, and achieve the highest quality possible within minutes.

Professional Studio Lighting Tools.jpg

In the new professional edition of Studio Tools for V-Ray & Octane Render ,we made sure to bring most of the old features back and rebuilt each rig to run smoothly with the the latest edition of the each engine. Each V-Ray rig now utilizes V-Ray only shaders making them faster & more memory friendly. Release 1.4 for V-Ray is also made with simplicity in mind, no matter which level of experience you are at, with this new tool set you can create photorealistic studio renders right from the get go.

Studio Tools Pro.jpg


* 6 Rigs for faster lighting with V-Ray & Octane.

* V-Ray Softbox shader option.

* 15 HDR lights with different shapes.

* 49 ready to render Studio Setups.

* 12 Static and adjustable Studio Cycs.

* Standard HDR lights.

* Seamless studio setups for motion graphics.

* Custom HDRI loader for instant Viewport feedback.

* Sky rig with Viewport preview (Requires C4D Studio).

* Baker rig for custom HDR Environment creation.

* Over 100 (360°) HDR Textures.

* Getting started video guide + Free future updates.

* Previous builds for V-Ray 1.2 to 1.9.

System Requirements 

* CINEMA 4D R16+ (Studio Recommended)

* CINEMA 4D R21 Compatible 

* V-Ray for C4D 3.4+

  or Corona Render B1 (Windows only)

  or Octane Render v3.08+

  or Latest Redshift for C4D

* Works with Windows and Mac OS

* Download Size: 700mb

* Addon type: C4D Library (.lib4d)

* Latest update (V-Ray): v1.44 (30.01.2019)

* Latest update (Corona): v1.0 (28.12.2018)

* Latest update (Redshift): v1.0 (26.03.2018)

* Latest update (Octane): v1.04 (15.02.2020)

Click here get Studio Tools Pro.