3ds Max Scripts & Plugins


Environment Light Script for 3ds Max

E-Light script generates a geosphere with lights on its vertices. The lights can be coloured using a bitmap. The settings let you create a lightdome that simulates complex environment light....

Sal Pose Manager for 3ds Max 2011+

Pose Manager is a maxscript creates pose library for many characters, and manage it edit it, it can handle similar rigs, and poses could be shared among the animation team. ...

Facial Auto Rig for 3ds Max 2014

Sal Facial Auto Rig provide fast and easy way to create facial rig in 3Ds Max, all you have to do is to create your morphs and connect them to your setting file and your rig will be ready in seconds. ...

Sal Render Assistant for 3ds Max 2011

Render Assistant working for animation series to help rendering cameras and fixing preparing and submitting animation files to render. This script is my solution for render pipeline in 3Ds Max, if I want to render too many cameras or submitting too many a...
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