Free Light yellow georgette fabric texture ID16985 image format is JPG, file size 1.52 MB, resolution is 2950 x 2094 pixels.

Light yellow georgette fabric texture related to Background, Surface, High resolution, Material, Closeup, Textile, Cloth, Fabric, Sheer fabric, get these textures for texturing and rendering in 3ds Max, Cinema 4d, Maya, Blender, etc. You may use them for computer graphic design, web design, photoshop, 3d rendering, or even a basic desktop background.


High quality closeup photo of light yellow georgette fabric textile background.
This picture would make a web page background or texture maps or desktop wallpaper, suitable for clothes, sofas, chair, curtains or any other place you need.
The high resolution texture is provided in the JPEG-format with the highest quality-settings, have a resolution of 2950 x 2094 pixel and 350 dpi.

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