Darkblue Backlit Glass Wall material rendering

Darkblue backlit glass wall material for 3ds max.

Material Details

Diffuse color: (0,0,0)

Reflection color: (156,252,255)

Hilght glossiness: 1.0

Refl. glossiness: 1.0

Refl. Snbdivs: 20

Refraction color: (177,181,182)

Refraction glossiness: 0.45

Refraction subdivs: 30

Fog color: (196,246,255)

Diffuse bitmap: No

Bump mapping: No

Reflection mapping: No

Displacement: No

System: Intel Core i7-7700 @ 3.6Ghz 16GB RAM

Vray version: 3.0

3dsmax version: 3dsmax2014

Rendertime: 00:09:27

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