Polished Silky Walnut Wood material rendering

Polished silky walnut wood material with diffuse bitmap, can be used for many differents furnitures and stuffs.

System:Intel Core i7-7700 @ 3.60Ghz - 16 GB RAM

Vray version:3.0

3dsmax version:3dsmax2014



Basic parameters

Diffuse color: (25,24,35)

Reflection color: (100,100,100)

Hilght glossiness: 0.7

Refl. glossiness: 0.85

Refl. Snbdivs: 20

Refraction color: (0,0,0)

Refraction glossiness: 1.0

Refraction subdivs: 8

Fog color: (255,255,255)

Diffuse bitmap: Bitmaptexture

Bump mapping: No

Reflection mapping: No