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Torus glass vray material

Torus glass material rendering

Torus glass material for 3ds max, clear and light blue glass especially for realistic windows renderings, also to make use in glass bottle, glassware, etc.

System:Intel Core i7-7700 @ 3.60Ghz - 16 GB RAM

Vray version:3.0

3dsmax version:3dsmax2014



Basic parameters

Diffuse color: (0,0,0)

Reflection color: (0,0,255)

Hilght glossiness: 1.0

Refl. glossiness: 1.0

Refl. Snbdivs: 8

Refraction color: (14,3,255)

Refraction glossiness: 1.0

Refraction subdivs: 8

Fog color: (88,179,242)

Diffuse bitmap: No

Bump mapping: No

Reflection mapping: No

Tags: Glass

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