V-Ray Grey wall fabric - tree patterns Material free download, material ID13755 file format provided in MAT file size 63 KB. The Grey wall fabric - tree patterns V-ray materials parameters include diffuse color, reflection glossiness, refraction color, bump mapping, displacement mapping, and more.

Grey wall fabric - tree patterns vray material related to Grey cloth, Wall fabric, it is ready to render, creating realistic and visually compelling surface appearances within your 3D scenes.

 material rendering

Diffuse color: (45 9 137)
Diffuse bitmap: Bitmaptexture
Reflection color: (12 12 12)
Hilght glossiness: 1.0
Refl. glossiness: 1.0
Refl. Snbdivs: 8
Refraction color: (0 0 0)
Refraction glossiness: 1.0
Refraction subdivs: 8
Bump mapping: Bitmaptexture
Reflection mapping: No
Displacement: No