V-Ray Taupe brown sofa fabric Material free download, material ID12117 file format provided in MAT file size 62.3 KB. The Taupe brown sofa fabric V-ray materials parameters include diffuse color, reflection glossiness, refraction color, bump mapping, displacement mapping, and more.

Taupe brown sofa fabric vray material related to Sofa fabric, Brown cloth, it is ready to render, creating realistic and visually compelling surface appearances within your 3D scenes.

 material rendering

Diffuse color: (194 176 173)
Diffuse bitmap: falloff
Reflection color: (16 16 16)
Hilght glossiness: 0.35
Refl. glossiness: 1.0
Refl. Snbdivs: 8
Refraction color: (0 0 0)
Refraction glossiness: 1.0
Refraction subdivs: 8
Bump mapping: Bitmaptexture
Reflection mapping: No
Displacement: No