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Sal Render Assistant for 3ds Max 2011

Render Assistant working for animation series to help rendering cameras and fixing preparing and submitting animation files to render.

This script is my solution for render pipeline in 3Ds Max, if I want to render too many cameras or submitting too many animation files to the render and fix those file byapplying the lighting and the different settings on them.


V 0.9 Features

-Render multiple cameras locally or on Backburner, 

-Render multiple Animated and still cameras

-Merge cameras only from multiple files, and you can name the merge cameras as their files

-Procssing files for those actions:

-- Merge files

-- Save Files As

-- Run Script

-- Rename Objects

-- Parenting

-- Replace CAT Characters

-- Load Material Library

-- Load Render Presets

-- Show Hide Layers/Objects/Category

-- Assign Materials

-- Load Skin Envelope

-- Cloth Simulation

-- Point Caching

-- Shell

-- Smoothing

-- Set Render Output

-- Save File

-- Render

- you can run those process for the current file, or for the selected files


Version Requirement: 3ds Max 2011

to install drag the mcr file into 3Ds Max and put the mse file inside the startup directory then start 3Ds Max, you will see SalTools menu, if you didn't see it you can set shortcut or tool button, the macro script category is SalTools.

Author: Salwan Badra

Download Sal Render Assistant

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