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SMS Emden light cruiser 3D Model

Highly detailed SMS Emden dresden class of light cruiser free 3D-model available in 3ds max, jpg textures included. Very realistic 3d warship model of military watercraft, it can be used for a virtual military museum or ship-weapon simulation system, design of model ship, computer game, 3D animation simulation and more.
Available format:  
.MAX (3DS Max)
SMS Emden was the second and final member of the Dresden class of light cruisers built for the Imperial German Navy. Emden was 118.3 meters long overall and had a beam of 13.5 m and a draft of 5.53 m forward. She displaced 4,268 t at full combat load.
You can free download this 3d-objects for 3D modeling software and use it for your 3D visualisation works, 3D interactive design, simulation and rendering.

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